Lower Possession Value

When you are calculating your net worth, all the possessions that you own are part of your assets. They have an monetary value, and what they are worth or could be sold for is part of your overall net worth.

Many of the possessions that smokers own have a greatly reduced value compared to the same item that a non smoker possesses – or can have no value at all. Smoking often reduces the condition of the items you own making them worth less than they would otherwise be or not sellable at all.

There are a number reasons that many of the contents that smokers own are worth less than the same items of a non smoker:

Reduced Number Of Buyers: For household items that smell of smoke, many people will simply refuse to even consider buying it. Since there are far fewer people interested in purchasing items that come from homes where people smoke, these items sell for far lower prices than similar items that come from a smoke free environment.

Smoke Odor: Items that have been in a house or around people who smoke have a strong cigarette odor that is extremely difficult to completely remove. This smell turns off many potential buyers. many times cleaning the item to get rid of the odor is more expensive than the item is worth making it worthless. Those that still have value sell for far less due to the odor.

Burns & Stains: Whether by carelessness or just not caring, cigarettes can leave burns and stains on furniture and other household items. These smoking marks look unsightly and reduce the value of the items or even make them unsellable.

Not only do these possessions look worse than those that come from smoke free environments, they often have to be replaced more often. The smoke makes them look dirtier quicker meaning they must be replaced more often all of which means a smoker must spend more money than if they were a non smoker.

Assuming that a person has possessions that are worth $10,000 and due to smoking they have to be replaced and devalue 10% more per year than a non smoker, smoking costs a smoker $1000 more than a non smoker in the value and replacement of possessions.