Higher Auto Insurance Costs

More and more auto insurance companies are offering a discount on their auto insurance premiums if you’re a non smoker. While the discount varies from insurance company to insurance company, a typical non smoker auto insurance discount would be 5%. If you are a non- smoking women with a good driving record you can also look into First for Women Comprehensive Car Insurance for discounted rates. So if you’re a smoker, it’s worthwhile to go online and get a discount auto insurance quote from your current auto insurance provider to find out if you can qualify for a non-smoker discount.

A number of studies have shown that driver’s that smoke have a higher risk of getting into accidents than non smokers. Reasons sited in the studies for this increased risk are:

1) The act of smoking while driving can causes distractions that keep the driver from maintaining focus on the road. These distractions ultimately result in more accidents.

2) People who are smokers have behavioral habits that are generally higher in risk than non smokers. These higher risk habits result in more accidents.

3) The smoke from cigarette smoking while in a car causes a number of environmental issues (smoke in the air reducing visibility, staining on glass reducing visibility) which results in more accidents

If you pay $1000 a year for your car insurance, being a smoker results in having to pay $50 a year more for your auto insurance than if you stopped smoking.