Lost Investment Income

Not only do smokers reduce their net worth in the wide variety of ways mentioned on this site in addition to the cost of purchasing the the cigarettes themselves, but they also lose the potential earnings that money could have earned in a bank or investment had it not been spent on smoking.

When all the items are added together in addition to the cost of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, the amount of money lost due to smoking comes to over $8,000 a year. This money could have been used to pay off credit card debt (resulting in a double digit return) or place in the stock market to earn extra money.

Even if it was placed in the most conservative investment of a savings account insured by the government, on can earn anywhere from 3.5% interest to 4.0% interest with no risk at all. This would give a return on the $8,300 of between $290 and $330. That means another $300 is potentially lost by those who smoke compared to those who don’t.